Airport Styling

Airport Styling

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Whether you’re going long haul or heading on a weekend getaway ‘what to wear’ when travelling is often an issue.

Whether you’re going long haul or heading on a weekend getaway ‘what to wear’ when travelling is often an issue. What do you wear when want to be comfy and fabulous at the same time? How do you remain glam when you’ve been stuck on a stuffy plane for hours? With this in mind we teamed up with TV3s Xposé and stylist Barbara Stack to do a feature on ‘Airport Styling’; how to look good travelling and when you land.

Add a pop of colour to your summer getaway outfit with this orange Peruzzi dress. Take off the relaxed jacket, which kept the chill off the back of your neck, and emerge into the blistering Spanish heat as the sun goddess you were born to be.

Peruzzi orange sleeveless shift dress at €69.95, Laura Jo navy drape jacket at €49.95, navy leather backpack at €99.95.

This is ideal for those who have a late flight and want to head straight out for a bite to eat or a holiday cocktail. The gold embellishment on the Peruzzi top and the gold sandals add a bit of sass to this outfit. Take off the cardigan and use the bag as a clutch to really transform this outfit into a night time look.

Peruzzi navy palazzo style trousers at €59.95, Peruzzi navy top with stud detail at €49.95, Odemai orange cardigan at €44.95, navy bag at €44.95, necklace at €24.95.

There are a million and one things to bring with you when travelling – passport, tickets, toothpaste – the list is endless. A big bag is absolutely crucial for any journey and this yellow one is perfect for carrying all your travel essentials. When you finally arrive at your destination you can take off the tunic and pop it in your bag.

Decollage white stretch trousers at €59.95, Peruzzi navy and white stripe tunic at €69.95, Peruzzi white basic vest at €34.95, yellow bag at €39.95.

Travel in comfort while still looking chic with this look. These palazzo pants have got to be the comfiest option for travelling and the nautical stripes are a subtle nod to the seaside resort you’ve been dreaming of all year. The navy waistcoat is the perfect layering piece that really polishes the whole look.

Peruzzi navy and white stripe palazzo pants at €59.95, Peruzzi white shirt at €39.95, Peruzzi navy long waistcoat at €79.95, shoes at €19.95, necklace at €24.95, navy bag at €64.95.

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