My Soul

My Soul was created in 2006 when the designer Irene Hviid Helpful wanted to create her own fashion brand for the mature girl who definitely will not be "ladylike". The girl who is fun and quirky cuts, with many different details. The girl who want a smart and raw expression. And above all, the girl who does not compromise on qualities.

Asymmetrical Jacket - My Soul

Asymmetrical Grey Jacket ..

Asymmetrical Jersey Jacket - My Soul

Asymmetrical Jersey Jacket ..

Bubble Trousers - My Soul

Black Bubble Trousers..

Letter Zip Top - My Soul

Letter Zip Top ..

Spot Cowl Knit - My Soul

Spot Cowl Knit Top..

Zip Spot Jacket - My Soul

Zip Spot Jacket ..

Zip Trouser - My Soul

Zipped bubble trousers..

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